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Web clippings from a former Canberra resident returned to the ACT. Mostly political. Opinions expressed are my own and in no way affect my ability to work for the Australian Government on anything.

May 16
250 posts! Who Knew?

250 posts! Who Knew?

So Did You All Join A Political Party?

No? Go Ahead, there are plenty to choose from.

I have to admit I have been quite angry through the budget process but that is nothing like the incoherent frothing at the mouth I have seen from others.

Did we need to fix the deficit? Probably. Has the Abbott government done that? Hmmm, maybe - there is a lot of extra spending in there. Did they do it in a sensible fashion? Absolutely not!

So do something, join a party and make a difference. I joined the Future Party who seem to have some really good ideas and policies and they even have a wiki where you can have policy input. Other parties exist from large to small. It is only if the Australian population becomes more involved in the political process that we can avoid this sort of thing happening.

So go join a party, there are plenty of them out there.

May 15
“The Ice Sheet melt is only a problem if you live in Antarctica, which, honestly, is a pretty dumb place to live,” she said. “Polar bears live in Antarctica because they have no choice, but we’re not polar bears.” Conservatives Praise Antarctic Ice Sheet Melt as Beautiful Expression of Free Market : The New Yorker

May 14

May 13
“Do not think you can get away with misleading the Australian public in this way further. If NBN Co makes statements in public which are inaccurate, the media will find that out and we will publish the truth. Your own reputation will suffer as a result.” NBN Co made FTTP architect Ferris redundant - Delimiter

“What Hockey and Mathias Cormann should have done is to tackle high-end perks. The biggest is superannuation, Labor’s creation. The treasury believes the top 1 per cent of the workforce, a mere 130,000 people, get 6 per cent of all the super tax concessions. They are the people who need them the least. Late in its term Labor tried to do something about it. It announced a tax of 15 per cent on the previously untaxed earnings of super funds used to support annual income streams in excess of $100,000. It would have hurt a mere 16,000 extremely well off superannuants. Within months of taking office the Coalition canned it. It headed its press release: “Restoring integrity in the Australian tax system”.” Budget pain? Not for millionaires who pay no tax

May 12

You Did What?!!!

I joined a political party.

I’m so angry over the way that the Abbott government is treating the Australian population that I thought I’d better do something about it. I joined the Future Party.

Why the Future Party? Because they seem to have their heads screwed on when it comes to evidence based policy and I agree with most of their platform. I know I will have differences of opinion with some people over my socially conservative views but so be it.

If you are as angry as I am about the Abbott government go find a party to join.

May 9

In the period before the election, the media were so taken with the “Juliar” meme, and the idea that Mr Abbott was the “greatest opposition leader ever”, that they more or less completely failed to extract from him an honest account of what he intended to do once he was elected.

In fact, significant sections of the media not only failed to hold him to account, they positively led the cheer squad - they were the cheer squad - waving him into power.

And although Mr Abbott didn’t get much of a honeymoon period, he has nonetheless been able to deflect attention from the nastier aspects of his agenda.

As budget day has come closer, however, the lens has been pulled tighter, and what is coming into focus is not pretty.

Abbott unveiled, and we don’t like what we see - The Drum (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


The news and state of politics in Australia at the moment are killing me. I know we are so much luckier than so many but the lack of compassion and common sense among the majority of Australians just makes me want to get through uni and out of this country as fast as possible if it continues this way.

What sort of society will we end up with if our government generates this sort of sentiment?

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